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  • What is a Gadfly anyway?

    We like to think it's someone (or a company, in our case) that "stirs the pot" -- bristles at the status quo, bucks the norm, etc. And in the record industry, there's a lot to work with.

    When people hear of Gadfly Records for the first time, they often ask "What kind of CDs do you release?" Quite simply, we specialize in offbeat and unique projects, whether they be singer/songwriter albums, releases from our ethnic and instrumental series, or spoken word projects. The musical styles are as varied as can be (from folk to rock to blues to classical to world, and on and on) -- but each project has that certain uniqueness that separates it from the run-of-the-mill, middle-of-the-pack releases in its genre. After all, if a similar release is already out there, why duplicate it?

    The music business these days is tough -- getting CDs stocked at retail outlets is is tightly formatted...and the major labels are throwing more money after new releases than ever. All the more reason for independent-minded music buyers to take an active role in seeking out what's different and unique. To our steady customers, we thank you for going to great lengths to support our releases. To our new friends, check out the various cuts on our sampler and see if you aren't the least bit intrigued by some of the artists who you hadn't yet heard before. And maybe go one step further and purchase one of their CDs. I promise you, you won't be sorry.

    But whether it's Gadfly or not, we urge you to seek and check out the unusual and unique music that's currently "out there."

    And it's our pledge to always present projects that are unique and offbeat. Because we know that if you always do what you're expected to do, you can never be more than mediocre.

    Mitch Cantor, Head Gadfly

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